Atlas Adjustments is a property damage consulting firm solely representing the interests of the policy holder following a fire, flood or other disaster. We are a tenured team of public adjusters, certified public accountants, damage estimators, structural engineers, and personal property experts who specialize in building a strong file of data and evidence for your insurance claim.

Atlas Adjustments’ approach to claim handling is unique and unlike any other claims consulting firm. Our “Team” concept allows us a leading advantage. We can assess your claim from many perspectives and generate insights that a solo adjuster is likely to miss. We then act as your dedicated liaison, to negotiate a timely, and equitable settlement of your insurance claim.

It does not matter how long you have been paying for your insurance. Your insurance company has a team working diligently to underestimate your settlement or find a suitable loophole to deny coverage. You should have similar representation. We provide you with the same level of representation and expertise with the goal of delivering unquestionable burden of proof and a maximum settlement.

Atlas Adjustments offers one of the most competitive fee structures in the industry. We never charge money up front or out of pocket, when only get paid when we get you paid.  In some instances these fees may be covered by your insurance contract. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the value we can add, as well as the multiple time, cost, and stress saving benefits of our services.

After a loss we handle all the necessary paperwork required to comply with your policy terms and conditions. In addition, we take itemized physical inventories, which help us in preparing a completely detailed report of all the affected property, along with processing and evaluating the building damages. We meet with company adjusters on your behalf. We retain any necessary specialists to assist us in order to maximize the monetary compensation for your loss. Our job is to get you the maximum compensation that you are entitled to receive. We also help to determine replacement costs, salvage values, as well as depreciation factors.